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How To Make Your Jewelleries Eye-catching And Attract Your Customers

Selling jewellery takes a lot of time, patience and effort. Just placing your jewellery on a plain table are obviously not enough to catch customers’eyes. It is very important to put your jewellery on suitable jewellery display which should be nice and fashionable, so that customers would stop and care your jewellery.  
As we all know, when we puts together the right kinds of displays, colors and lighting to attract attention to the jewellery, the creations can almost sell by themselves. When display your jewellery on these jewellery display, lighting should be one effective way to highlight your jewellery. 
So how to make your jewelleries eye-catching and attract your customers?
At first you should select suitable acrylic jewellery display for your jewelleries. As acrylic jewellery display have different kinds of displays. Such as, for necklace,you should prepare acrylic necklace display; For bracelet, you should prepare acrylic bracelet display; For earrings,you should prepare acrylic earring displays. So try to make sure if you have a display for each type of jewellery that you want to showcase. Select the same color code or design to give your jewellery a neat and professional look.
And Gather your jewellery together and place the jewellery on suitable displays. Set it up on a table with some pretty-colored tablecloth. Add some good lighting to make your jewellery sparkle.
And then, Put out some mirrors where clients can see themselves while they are trying on jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets or earrings.
Lastly but not leastly, Prepare one sign or business cards with you business name and contact information. Sit it on or near your jewellery table so that customers can take it if they like.
Acrylic display stands
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