Acrylic hotel supplies

2017-06-20 cropsong

In every session of the hotel supplies exhibition, we can find the acrylic hotel supplies figure, we can see the acrylic products in the hotel supplies market is very extensive, the following with your breakdown of what the hotel is what is the use of acrylic made.

1, the hotel lobby: guide card, consultation desk, valuables deposit card, service desk card, signage, do not smoke tips, cashier signs, badges, aquariums and so on.

2, the hotel room: acrylic tissue boxes, cup holder, remote control rack, the door, toiletries, boxes, disposable supplies boxes.

3, entertainment dining: microphone rack, tray, turntable, dice, cylinder, tray, coaster, wine license, wine rack, fruit plate and so on.

The above is where the acrylic is often used in the hotel, if you have any needs, please contact us.