From the acrylic bracelet display stand to see Sunday Knight brain hole design ideas

2017-10-30 cropsong

Bracelet display frame is generally embedded bracelet design, you can more three-dimensional display and reflect the characteristics of bracelets. While the white acrylic mosaic slot can also highlight the luster of the bracelet.

Of course, there are also in the middle of bonding a piece of acrylic, made similar to the ramp-type display stand, this display can be a complete display of the bracelet, unique.

Also in the middle to do a similar bracelet ring design, specifically for the display of string and ring and other jewelry, the size of the shape can be customized according to customer requirements design.

As well as directly into a display box inside and directly hung.

Acrylic display frame elegant appearance, compact, unified shape harmony, with the product can maximize the display of the beauty of the product. Sunday Knight Co., Ltd unique design concept can help you design the acrylic display you want, welcome to come to the consultation.