The use of acrylic fish tank features and advantages of production

2017-11-21 cropsong

Now many families have pets, and parenting is a convenient and quick. Fish in the process, the choice of fish tank is undoubtedly a very important part. Glass fish tank easy to cut cumbersome, acrylic fish tank so gradually by the consumer's favor.

Acrylic fish tank transparent and light, can be regarded as a high-grade aquarium supplies. Cylinders as a whole through the beautiful seamless, than the ordinary glass fish tank more ornamental and security. Acrylic products with high transparency, light transmission rate of nearly 92%. "Plastic crystal" in the world. And has excellent weather resistance. Especially for outdoor use, which is unmatched by other plastic products. Acrylic products also have good hardness and gloss, plasticity is also great, can be processed into a variety of styles. Acrylic processing can be made into a variety of shapes for consumers to choose.

Here are a few examples of the advantages of the acrylic tank

1, acrylic fish tank weather resistance and acid and alkali performance is good, not easily sunburn corrosion.

2, acrylic fish tank insulation performance, you can protect the fish will not be affected by the current damage.

3, acrylic fish tank good light transmission, the required light intensity is small, saving energy, but also make the fish in a good environment.

4, acrylic fish tank strong impact resistance, is 16 times the ordinary glass, the use of more secure and assured.

5, acrylic tank long life, compared with other materials, fish tank, long life of more than three years, saving money.

6, acrylic light weight, lighter than ordinary glass half, buildings and stents bear the load is small, easy to move transposition.

7, acrylic fish tank colorful, high brightness, highly ornamental, other materials can not be better than the United States.

8, acrylic fish tank plasticity, modeling changes, easy molding, according to the requirements of processing into a variety of shapes.

9, easy maintenance, easy to clean, rain can be naturally clean, or with soap and soft cloth scrub that is.

10, the wear resistance of acrylic board to take aluminum on the verge of it from time to time to resist the corruption of a variety of teaching materials.