How to improve the life of acrylic products

2017-12-04 cropsong

Now there are many places to use acrylic products, so it can now be said that the use of acrylic products has been very popular. However, businesses will only be advertised when it advocates its advantages. But anything can not be perfect, so we should pay attention to its flaws, so that when used as much as possible to improve its life. So what are the shortcomings of it?

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First of all, it is easy to be scratched, even if the repair, will leave traces.

Second, the acrylic products are easily corroded by organic solvents, and even if they do not come into contact with such solvents, their volatile gases will be exposed to long-term contact.

Finally, although the acrylic can be heated, but not that it can be in a high temperature environment. Temperature over 80 degrees will produce deformation. So we must pay attention to the following points in use.

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1, can not rub the acrylic products in sharp items or towed forward line.

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2, can not be long-term placement of acrylic products in the organic solvent environment.

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3, do not place the acrylic products in high temperature environment.

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