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Talking about the maintenance method of acrylic box

Acrylic is what we usually call plexiglass. It has a lot of uses, and many companies make acrylic custom-made plexiglass products that meet their requirements. In addition, the use of acrylic boxes is also very extensive, not only industrial, medical, but also very common in people's daily lives.

If it is a practical acrylic box, such as a dry bulk box, a storage box, etc., there is no need for maintenance, but display boxes, such as cosmetic boxes, jewelry jade boxes, and Cordyceps boxes are all necessary. Regular maintenance and maintenance. Here is a detailed description of the maintenance method of the acrylic box.

First, although the acrylic box has good weather resistance, it cannot be placed in an acidic or alkaline environment, nor can it be placed in a place with a high temperature. The most suitable place is a place with a clean temperature. If the acrylic box is left for a long time, it will stick some dust. At this time, you need to use a feather duster to wipe off the dust. If the surface is stained, it is necessary to use a soft detergent to water and scrub the surface.

Second, if you want the acrylic box to be glamorous at all times, you need to use liquid polishing wax. After waxing, wipe it with a clean rag.

Third, if the acrylic box is damaged, you can use adhesive glue to quickly dry the adhesive to stick the damaged area, then use the toothpaste to apply the damaged area to cover it. After waiting for a while, use sanding cloth for sanding and repairing.

Fourth, if the acrylic box is scratched, you can try to use a polishing machine to install the cloth wheel, and apply some liquid polishing wax to perform uniform light treatment.

It can be seen from the above four points that the maintenance method of the acrylic box is relatively simple. If the acrylic product can be regularly maintained, the life can be greatly extended, and the surface thereof can be made as smooth as new. If you have any other questions about acrylic processing, please feel free to contact us! ! !

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

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