How to clean acrylic lampshade?

2019-11-08 cropsong

Acrylic lampshade: At home, the light bulbs and fluorescent lamps are easy to cause heat to attract dust. It is a sanitary corner in the home. Therefore, many people will easily overlook their existence. Here are some tips on how to clean your own lamps.

1. Fluorescent tube, bulb cleaning

Open the window before cleaning to allow air to circulate and turn off the power. Wipe the fluorescent tube or bulb with a wrung rag and detergent. If there are other removed parts, use the same method to wipe. Then wipe the cleaner with a clean, dry cloth. It is best to wipe it repeatedly with a clean rag.

2. Cleaning method of lampshade: Plastic, metal lampshade cleaning

(1). Use a wrung rag to add a universal cleaner to wipe off dirty stains.

(2). Wipe off the remaining detergent ingredients with a wrung rag.

(3). Wipe it carefully with a clean rag.

3. Acrylic lampshade cleaning

(1). Gently dust the dust with a soft cloth such as flannel.

(2). After that, use a clean, clean cloth and wipe it carefully again.

4. Cloth, paper shade cleaning

(1). First use anti-static tweezers to remove dust.

(2). After that, wipe the stain with a dry rag.

(3). The subtle part of the crafts, using small things such as a brush to remove the dirt that is not easily removed.

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Acrylic display stands

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