Acrylic LED light box


The traditional acrylic light boxes are usually finished by a dozen procecure, its layout is easily deformed.  It not only affect the layout aesthetics, and also the production process is complicated, material consume much (including molds) and many other problems because it just consist of small piece of layout splicing. New whole plate blister-free anti-deformation advertising light boxes use cold-pressed processing method, it not only completely overcome the small plate surface stitching forum unsightly,but also can simplify the installation process and reduce public environment contamination.

The working principle of LED lamp is the light source can replect point light source and then emit into a surface light source through two slant, thus it greatly save the internal space of light box,greatly reduce the optical loss and increase the utilization of the existing light sources.

We can produce ultra slim led light box, its light would be reflected and going into the whole light box layout after the LED light source is conntected with electricity .so the screen can be clearly displayed. The space of LED light is much smaller than the original product space, thus the light intensity increased significantly as the space reduce.

Actually, the light intensity of acrylic light boxes are more than one time than that of original structure. Such lamps is practical, novel, simple structure, can be widely applied to a larger area of the inner lights lightbox signboards. It has strong correction function for the deformation of acrylic light box, strong practical and worthy because the apparatus is close to the layout.