Acrylic Donation Box Is An Effective Way To Collect Money For Non-profitable Organizations


Acrylic donation box or fundraiser box is an effective way to collection money for charitable organizations.

It is an easy way to fundraise by placing the donation box in an easily visible area by most of the people. They are willing to drop bills or coin into the box without feeling pressured when people see it.It is proved that a see-through donation box can increases donations. Potential donors may be motivated by the money which is donated by others in the donation boxes, so they would also place their coin or cash.

In addition, a promotional sign holder attached to the donation box have great positive affects too. It display the basic information about your nonprofit organization or charity, and why do you need these funds and what will these money are used for. And also It can express your appreciation for the donors face to face, All these information will help increase donations.

Small donations can grow into a large amount for your charitable organization. You will know how much the donation boxes can bring to your group in a short time.However,the donation box must be designed by sturdy acrylic material and also should come with a lock and key to keep thieves away, like any receipt for cash.

At Sunday Knight, all of our acrylic donation box are custom made according to your needs. Different shape and style are available,like heart-shape, rectangle, round ,square etc.

Please just send email to us If you have special needs, we can design a custom donation box for your nonprofit or charity.