These Three DIY Lets You Easily Repaire Scratched Acrylic Bathtub

2016-08-18 cropsong

Acrylic bathtub injuries must be timely repair wounds. Do not attempt to move after the bath is installed,you need to move the location, you must contact a professional person. Do not beat with a hard object, hit the surface, resulting in bumps or scratches. For acrylic bathtub repair dim or scratch section, use a clean cloth to polish mixed colorless solution automatically wipe hard, and then coated with a layer of colorless protective wax. However, remember not settled in the area waxed, to prevent slipping. Concrete repair steps are as follows:

Step 1: adhesive. To Xun bad ballast surface clean (with glue to use hacksaw or other profit climbed section scrape ) force to make the two parts of the neat ( crack resistance so as not to feel at ) certain speed with good strong adhesive along the rift dispensing edge with a blunt edge vibration as possible crevice filled cement glue let go after scraping cracks at the excess glue ( must be dispensing butt crack was obvious after the first ).

Step 2: crack repair. AB add a little glue to reconcile after a little talcum powder into a sticky paste and then try to have broken Xun place after touching flat dry water sand water gently draw repeat.

Acrylic bathtub surface big brand special treatment, acrylic bathtub stronger than normal wear. Such as surface scratches accident occurs, if mild scratches, brush lightly with toothpaste and toothbrush can; if deep scratches, it is recommended to seek professional advice, please professional maintenance staff.

Use tub pay attention to maintenance , which can extend the life of a bathtub, but also to maintain the appearance of bright: Bath cleaned once a week to ensure the bathtub after each use to keep dry; use a mild liquid detergent and clean and soft cloth or sponge bath good, Never use an abrasive -containing, acidic or alkaline cleaning products; Do not leave metal objects in the bath tub, they will make the bathtub rust and stain the surface. In addition, the use of baking soda to remove stains with good results.

Step 3: coloring. Bath close with and dilute paint material (be sure to dilute the point ) with a fine point brush of oil, dry sanded much water is repeated several times until the color is similar to the last increase overall and a bath brush nitrocellulose lacquer OK you'll still find your bathtub this is quite a wonderful feeling wonderful!

If it is scratched, the choice should be based on different numbers scratched extent of sandpaper ( such as 800 #, 1000 #, 1500 #, etc. ), if you need to use a blade deep scratches after treatment with sandpaper. Sandpaper number last used is generally # 1500 or # 2000.

Sand process requires water, that mill. And the direction of the grinding process also have requirements. Final polishing using special wool polishing wheel plus special polishing agent.