How to incorporate cabinets on the grid

2016-10-25 cropsong

Frequently Asked Questions: The maximum capacity of the cabinet, can be used as the main admission; but if the cabinet is too deep, it is not easy to take.

Storage purposes: easy to take, large-capacity storage.

Storage items: with a variety of materials storage box, classified installed, and then one by one pushed to the cabinet Gerry. Cabinet door space can also make good use of. Different styles of drawer storage box, take full advantage of the vast space under the short cabinet. Storage box too much, no less than a table, it is placed in the grid on it.Take a good collection basket, and then neatly placed in the grid On the door of these small cell is simply tailored for these small things can be used in accordance with the size of the shelf in the door, easy to pick up the bathroom commonly used skin care products in the closet below the closet.