Acrylic development

2017-01-10 cropsong

Acrylic (ACRYLIC), common name special treatment plexiglass. Acrylic research and development, dating back more than 100 years of history.

In 1872 the polymerization of acrylic acid was discovered;

In 1880 the polymerization of methacrylic acid was known;

In 1901 the synthesis of propylene polypropylene ester was completed;

In 1927 the use of the aforementioned synthetic method to try to industrial manufacturing;

In 1937, the manufacture of methyl acid ester was successfully developed, which led to large-scale manufacture.

During World War II because of acrylic has excellent strength and toughness and translucent, first of all, was applied to the aircraft's windshield, tank driver cab vision.

In 1948 the world's first acrylic bathtub was born, marks the application of acrylic has entered a new milestone.