The different between acrylic cast sheet and squeeze sheet

2017-03-08 cropsong

Acrylic board according to the production process of casting sheet and squeeze sheet, according to the transmittance can be divided into transparent sheet, translucent sheet (including stained sheet transparent acrylic sheet), color (including black and white and color acrylic sheet); Impact sheet, anti-ultraviolet sheet, ordinary sheet and special sheet such as high impact sheet, flame retardant sheet, frosted sheet, metal effect sheet, high wear sheet, light guide sheet.

A: cast sheet: high molecular weight, with excellent stiffness, strength and excellent resistance to chemical properties. Which is more suitable for processing large-size logo plaque, the relative softening process in the longer time. This sheet is characterized by small batch processing, the color system and the surface texture effects have unmatched flexibility, and product specifications complete, practical for a variety of special purposes.

B: Squeeze sheet: Compared with the cast plate, squeeze plate molecular weight is low, less mechanical properties, flexibility is relatively high. However, this feature favors bending and thermoforming, with a shorter softening time. In dealing with large-size sheet, is conducive to a variety of rapid vacuum plastic molding. At the same time, the thickness tolerance of the extruded plate is smaller than that of the cast plate. As the extrusion plate is a large number of automated production, color and size inconvenience conditioning, so the product specification diversity subject to certain restrictions.

The extrusion sheet is made of MMA monomer (liquid), and the shape of the extruded sheet is smooth and smooth, but it is used as the raw material in the process of granulating raw materials. polymerization. When processed into a sheet of its structure, performance is weak, not suitable for outdoor identification of the product material, only suitable for crystal words or products such as indoor products bracket.

In addition, because most of the compression sheet does not have anti-ultraviolet function, the outdoor life and the casting sheet is quite different, the color will gradually fade and easily brittle, until the rupture. Casting board is completed in the sheet processing process of polymerization, during which the addition of UV absorbers, with high strength and UV function, outdoor life of up to 5 years or even 10 years, the use of color has been bright as new.