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Acrylic Research And Development History

Acrylic, the common name special treatment plexiglass. Dating back over one hundred years of history acrylic. Acrylic polymeric undiscovered in 1872, Methacrylate polymerizable become known in 1880, Propylene polymer acid lipid synthesis study was completed in 1901,  The use of the aforementioned synthesis try industrialized manufacturing in 1927. Methacrylic acid resin industry in 1937 manufacturing development success, thus entering the scale manufacture. 
During World War II because acrylic has excellent strength and toughness and transparency, First, It was be used in aircraft windscreen, tanks cab driver vision mirror. The birth of the world 's first acrylic bathtub in 1948, marking the acrylic application into a new milestone.
Acrylic display stands

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