Analysis Of Acrylic Products Processing Technology Requirements

2015-06-23 cropsong
DC variable speed headstock , the grinding  cover simple process, found plexiglass surface chatter is very clear, very prone to let the middle knife phenomenon, resultinging parts toroidal shape , and it is difficult to eliminate , parts run out and roundness poor. For the above-described processing quality analysis , since the bulkhead clamping ends , the whole is hollow , glass non-metallic material less rigid , prone to elastic deformation under stress , it is necessary to improve the rigidity and strength of plexiglass , protect them force elastically deformed , so take the following methods. Use bulkhead attached to both ends , in the middle of casting plaster powder and plexiglass old powder , improve the rigidity and strength , reduce stress and elastically deformed by the above improvements, the grinding process , acrylic products significantly improved surface chatter , drum -shaped phenomenon has been largely eliminated, roundness and radial run out basically reached roughing machining accuracy.
Ultra- fine grinding parts plexiglass technical requirements is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the plexiglass sleeve on the network diameter of 0.02mm black dots , and the dots between the vertical and horizontal distance of 0.02mm, the use of light in plexiglass sleeve printing intermediate , the principle of the use of photographic printing , so the plexiglass surface , requiring good transparency , surface non- galling, scratching and flies trace . The original process as follows: acrylic sleeve on the bulkhead kibble whole cast press outlets smoky treatment to grinding . According to the original processing requirements , first install the bulkhead , bulkhead and plexiglass cylindrical sleeve simple interference fit within the hole , the amount of interference 0.05-0.07mm, the processing , use high-precision cylindrical grinding machines , the maximum grinding diameter 320mm, more important is the high precision machine tools , work running balance , vibration small.
Colored transparent plexiglass: commonly known as color plates. Translucent and soft, with boxes made of it, crafts, people feel comfortable and generous. Colored plexiglass points: transparent colored, translucent colored, opaque colored three. Magnetic plexiglass plexiglass bright pearl luster is better, crisp, easy to break, suitable for production of dials, boxes, medical equipment and people, animals and the molding material. Transparent plexiglass: transparency, should the system lamps. It is made with a chandelier, exquisitely carved, crystal clarity. Similar translucent frosted plexiglass, reflective soft, with crafts that made people feel comfortable and generous. Colorless transparent organic chandeliers, exquisitely carved crystal clarity. Pearl plexiglass: Plexiglas join in a general or phosphor with a pearl powder. Such plexiglass bright color, surface finish, the outer form after mold pressing, even polished polishing, remain molded pattern, form artistic effect alone matter. Use it to make figures, animal shapes, trademarks, decorations and promotional display material. Embossing plexiglass: partially transparent, translucent colorless, brittle, easily broken, suitable for production.
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