Application Of Acrylic Rods Tube

2015-09-01 cropsong
Acrylic rods tube is made form the polymerization of methyl methacrylate. The features including with just toughness, resistance crack, good surface gloss, good mechanical properties, excellent insulation properties, smooth and transparent.
It is the most easy processing of thermoplastic materials, processing performance, weather resistance. Thickness between 0.5mm - 200mm acrylic is widely used in lighting, advertising signs, building windows and doors, staircase compartment of the plate, lighting surfers, roof cover lighting, architectural decoration plate, furniture, regular supplies, electrical machinery industry parts( machine transparent cover , helmet , lens optics of the dial ) vehicle transportation equipment.
Characteristics of acrylic: Superior of transparency ,high light transmittance, light beauty and tough,the optimal weather resistance in plastic, and having a beautiful palette, easy processing, excellent electrical insulation properties of, good chemical resistance.
Acrylic display stands