Plastic UV Adhesive Plastic Tips

2015-10-07 cropsong
Plastic adhesive UV glue, is provided between a plastic bonding glue, the basic characteristics of transparent, fast curing, high strength, good adhesion.
Typical plastic adhesive UV glue adhesive materials PC, ABS, PVC, PS, PMMA. Taiwan BONLE card 3094 is a one-component UV glue curing adhesive. The product specifically for PC/ PVC/ PS/ ABS / PCB/ PMMA bonding plastics and other materials and design, a moderate viscosity, strong bonding, surface drying speed, sticky, sticky dust, good flexibility, high transparency, non-white , non-yellowing, no fog , weather resistance and other characteristics. It can also be used to bond plastic and glass or metal. The product complies with international environmental standards, has been detected by the EU ROSH and SGS standards.
Features: a table dry fast, odorless, high strength, high toughness, high weatherability, waterproof, non-yellowing, high transparency, high shear superior performance.
Bonding techniques:
1. Face to be sticky for general cleaning and drying.
2. Place the glue has been pushed to clean the surface of the substrate, so that distribution can be. Close two planes, with a wavelength of 365nm is irradiated with ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light can shine through to confirm bonded portions.
3. This product curing speed depends on the intensity of ultraviolet light from the light source and the rubber layer, depth of cure needed or bondline gap and light transmittance of the substrate.
4. Unused plastic cap should be tightened immediately, kept under seal. This product is UV sensitive. In the storage and handling should try to avoid exposure to daylight, UV light and artificial lighting. The product applications are dispensed black feed tube.
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