The Applications Of Acrylic Sheet

2015-09-15 cropsong
Acrylic products are very popular in our life. New introduce the normal application of acrylic sheet:
1. Architectural applications: windows, soundproof windows, dome, telephone booths, etc.
2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signs, signage, display rack, etc.
3. Traffic applications: trains, cars and other vehicles, doors and windows
4. Medical applications: infant incubators , all kinds of surgical medical devices civilian goods: sanitary facilities , handicrafts, cosmetics , frame, aquarium , etc.
5. Industrial Applications: surface of the instrument panel and cover, etc.
6. Light application: fluorescent lamp, chandeliers, lampshades Street.
7. Home applications: fruit plate, tissue boxes , acrylic art painting and other household daily products.
Acrylic display standsAcrylic display stands