The Features Of Acrylic Sheet And Its Production Process

2015-11-24 cropsong
"Acrylic" is a transliteration of the word, the English are ACRYLIC. It is a chemical material. Chemical name is called "PMMA" belong propylene glycols, commonly known as "specially treated glass" in the application of acrylic raw materials industry is generally in the form of granules, sheet, pipe and other. Acrylic plexiglass special treatment, also known as, the Department of plexiglass replacement products, with production of acrylic light boxes have good light, pure color, flavor and beautiful formation, both day and night two effects, long life, two days does not affect use features, in addition, acrylic sheet and aluminum plate profiles, advanced screen printing, etc. It can be the perfect combination to meet the needs of businesses, acrylic plastic is to improve the business store level , unified corporate image of the best form of outdoor advertising.
Acrylic transliteration from English, Acrylic and methacrylic known chemicals. They include monomers, plates, pellets, resin and composites, acrylic acid methyl ester monomers plate is made of methyl (MMA) polymerization, i.e., polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plexiglass plate, "Organic Glass "is derived from the trade name" Oroglas "(one kind of PMMA board), taken from the" Organic Glass "(ie, PMMA). But in recent years because all of a transparent plastic material such as PS, PC etc. collectively plexiglass.
Acrylic board:
Acrylic sheet production process by casting plate and extrusion plate divided into two categories.
Acrylic casting plate: high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This feature is a small batch plate processing, there are unmatched system flexibility in color and surface texture effect, and the product specifications for a variety of special purposes.
Acrylic Extrusion plate: Compared with casting plate, extrusion lower plate molecular weight, mechanical properties weaker. However, this feature is conducive to bending and hot forming, in dealing with the larger size of the plate, is conducive to rapid vacuum forming. Meanwhile, out of the plate thickness tolerances than cast plate. Since squeeze plate is a high volume automated production, color and size inconvenience adjustment, so product specifications subject to certain restrictions diversity.
Acrylic display stands