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Acrylic furniture

Custom design acrylic church lecture podium desk AFK-038

Custom design acrylic church lecture podium desk AFK-038


Custom design acrylic church lecture podium desk 

1. 15 years experience in manufacturing acryoic lecture podium desk, service will be more and more professional.
2. Large-scale produce line, more rapid delivery.
3. Supporting deep-processing. the kinds of products are more rich.
4. Advance equipment, perfect quality.
5. Professional foreign trade operations, services are more circumspect.
6. We can produce products according to your draw, sample, picture, etc.

If you like our item and want to know the price, please  email us  with below information:        

(1) Our item number on this website;

(2) Approx size / color; 

(3) Order quantity;

If you want us to create a new item according to your requirements, please email us  with below information:          

(1)  Detailed drawing / pictures / specifications if you have;

(2)  Order quantity;

Attention please:

1.  There is MOQ  (minimal order quantity) required, the MOQ is depended on items, normally 50 - 500 pcs;

2.  Current we only wholesale and accept custom orders, do not retail, sorry for the inconveniences;

3.  Fast worldwide shipping service.

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