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Acrylic item supplier custom plexiglass reptile breeding box PCK-144

Sunday Knight, an acrylic manufacturer, specializes in crafting custom transparent plexiglass reptile breeding boxes. These meticulously designed enclosures provide a clear, controlled environment for reptile breeding. Constructed from high-quality acrylic, these boxes ensure durability and visibility for seamless monitoring during breeding processes. The transparent design facilitates observation without disruption, maintaining a comfortable and secure breeding space for reptiles. Tailored for specific breeding needs, these custom boxes offer adequate ventilation and space for successful reptile reproduction. Whether for enthusiasts or professionals, Sunday Knight's breeding boxes combine functionality with transparency, fostering a conducive environment for successful reptile breeding while allowing for easy observation and care.

1.  We are direct Chinese acrylic products manufacturer, offer custom-made service for all kinds of acrylic items. Any color / size /style are no problem;

2.  All of our items were made to order, no products in stock;

3.  We don't retail. MOQ  (minimal order quantity) was required, normally 50 - 100 pcs (depended on size and color);

4.  Fast worldwide shipping service by sea or by air or by express;

5.  Sample (prototype) is available;

6.  Sample time: 3 - 5 work days;

7.  Production time for mass goods: 10 - 20 work days according to order quantity;

8.  Shipping time:  approx 1 week by express, 15-20 days by air, around 1 month by sea, the real time is depended on shipping destination;

If you like our items and want to know the price, please  email us  with below information: 

(1) Our item number on this website;

(2) Your expected size / color; 

(3) Order quantity;

If you need custom made service, please email us  with below information:      

(1)  Detailed idea / drawing / pictures / specifications whatever you have;

(2)  Order quantity;