Screen printing and UV printing in the application of acrylic products

2017-07-03 cropsong

At present, there are two ways to print the acrylic products: silk screen printing (screen printing) and UV printing, in these two acrylic processing methods, silk screen printing is the traditional manual printing; UV printing is the machine printing. Since both methods can print patterns, then the acrylic processing is silk screen or UV printing is good?

There are differences, since it comes to silk screen and UV printing which is good, we will from the price, efficiency, size, effect of three aspects to tell you about the difference between them, we choose according to their own needs.

1. from the price: silk screen printing is due to manual, in addition to labor costs, the early out of the film, pull the frame will have the cost, such as in the acrylic display frame printed on the pattern, mass production more cost-effective, do less cost High; UV printing because it is a machine spray, a person can operate more than one device, the price will be much cheaper than silk screen.

2. from the efficiency: if from a silk screen master and a UV printing ratio, then certainly high UV printing efficiency, but need to consider is that the limited number of acrylic factory UV printer, and silk screen master can have a lot.

3.from the printing effect: UV printer for printing more color, and with a gradual effect of acrylic handicrafts, the drawback is: UV printer use a year or two later, print nozzle clogging, wear, will reduce the print quality and accuracy, As the print nozzles are mostly imported, the cost of another nozzle is relatively high, UV printing manufacturers generally do not easily replace the nozzle; silk screen is more suitable for monochrome silk screen, up to 4 colors, not suitable for printing gradients , Silk screen printing than UV printing more stable.

4. Finally, for everyone to sum up: pattern color changes less, the number of more use of silk screen; color changes, the number of small selection of UV printing.