How to made the acrylic box?

2017-07-09 cropsong

A small acrylic box for a lot of use, such as: as a gift box of acrylic gift box; home cosmetics store with acrylic cosmetics storage box; supermarkets, food stores used to hold the food acrylic box; for packaging products, acrylic Box and so on. Use a wide range of acrylic box is how to make it out? Do not worry, let us explain the following.

No matter what the use of acrylic box, the production methods are the same, nothing more than the use of bonding and bending of these two processes, in which the bonding process must be used, and bending process as the case may be, such as Relatively thick acrylic processing box, due to the thickness of the sheet can not be bent or bent after the deformation, it can only be cut into 6 acrylic surface, the edge of polished, and then glue into a box; for the production comparison Thin acrylic box, if no special requirements, the general use of bending + bonding two combination process, the first acrylic sheet bent into the shape of the box, and then stitched together with glue bonding, so the benefits of production is faster than all Glue bonding fast, and because of the place to be bonded less, because of the poor adhesion due to the bubble, overflow glue chance.

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