How to make the plexiglass panels

2017-07-26 cropsong

The use of plexiglass panels is very wide, such as household appliances, display screens, game consoles, card machines and other equipment are used on the plexiglass panels, compared to plastic panels, plexiglass panels with high hardness is not fragile, good temperature And so on, so now a lot of equipment panels will be used plexiglass processing production.

Here to tell you about the production of plexiglass panels.

1, carving: plexiglass panel with different uses, the size is large and small, but basically are not too large, and a plexiglass plate size is 2.44x1.5m, so use the engraving machine to plexiglass plate Cut into the appropriate size.

2, polished: cut after the edge of the plexiglass panel is very rough, not only unsightly and easy to scratch the hand, which must be polished to restore a certain degree of smoothness.

3, silk screen: the color of plexiglass products are silk screen up, plexiglass panels are the same, the panel is made of transparent plexiglass processing, especially as a screen of plexiglass panels, in addition to the display area requires transparency, the other places can not be transparent And printed with color.

4: Punching: Some panels are screwed to the device, the plexiglass panel also relative to the left with a screw hole for installation, the common hole can be used engraving machine drilling, and with a threaded hole to First drill with a small hole engraving machine, and then take the thread with a drill drill drill thread.

5, membrane: plexiglass panel in the factory need to have a layer of protective film to avoid transit or use scratches, scratches, resulting in the entire panel of scrapped.

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