Classification of Acrylic Products

2017-08-04 cropsong

People who that acrylic products are not a specific product name, it is actually a wide range of names, all acrylic processing products are called acrylic products, since the acrylic products contain so extensive, then what is the specific acrylic products Of the product? The following product peaks Xiaobian told us a few breakdown: What are the classification of acrylic products?

1, acrylic display stand: display stand as a common series of acrylic products, mainly for the display and sale of products, including acrylic display stand contains acrylic cosmetics display stand, acrylic jewelry display stand, acrylic watch stand, acrylic mobile phone display stand , Acrylic glasses display stand, acrylic display racks, etc., can be said that as long as the need to display, display products will use the acrylic display stand.

2, acrylic handicrafts: including acrylic frame, acrylic Decoration, acrylic bathtub, acrylic trophy / medal, acrylic pendant, acrylic pen holder and so on.

3, Acrylic hotel supplies: Contains acrylic towel boxes, acrylic card, acrylic tray, acrylic coasters, acrylic disposable supplies box, acrylic door, acrylic badges and so on.

4, acrylic advertising light box: contains acrylic ultra-thin light boxes, acrylic plastic light boxes, acrylic crystal characters, acrylic LED light boxes and so on.

5, acrylic furniture household items: including acrylic table, acrylic coffee table, acrylic chair, acrylic lampshade, acrylic corner, acrylic pet bed and so on.

6, acrylic box: contains acrylic smoke mold, acrylic wine box, acrylic gift box, acrylic ginseng packaging, acrylic food packaging, and so on.

7, acrylic panel: contains acrylic panel, acrylic panel, acrylic switch panel, acrylic socket panel, acrylic game panel and so on.

Because the application of acrylic products is too wide, Xiao Bian can not be one by one in this example, more than seven categories are more commonly used acrylic products, basically in our lives will have access to work. We specialize in customizing all kinds of acrylic products, need friends can come to consult.

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