Customized acrylic mobile phone display stand

2017-08-09 cropsong

At present in the mobile phone display is the most use of acrylic processing of various acrylic mobile phone display stand, such as the acrylic mobile phone display, acrylic mobile phone anti-theft bracket, acrylic mobile phone tray, etc., the use of acrylic mobile phone display to the vast number of businesses brought great Of the convenience, so favored by business customers.

Acrylic mobile phone display is the use of high-quality acrylic material made by the advanced equipment processing, the overall feeling is bright and beautiful atmosphere and practical, 360-degree display of mobile electronic products full picture, which is just a high degree of transparency of the advantages of acrylic , And good shape easy to process, can be processed into a variety of styles of mobile phone stand.

In addition, businesses in the display of mobile electronic products do not have to worry about theft, and acrylic mobile phone display rack can be installed anti-theft function, display alarm can help you more secure display. At the same time, the Acrylic mobile phone display stand perfect to complete the conversion from the counter mode to the off-hook mode of display sales, saving a lot of space.

Acrylic mobile phone display frame processing can also be based on customer requirements silk screen logo, trademarks and product publicity image, you can better display mobile electronic products, sales promotion purposes, and now our acrylic mobile phone display stand widely used in shopping malls counters, stores , Brand chain stores, experience stores and other places.

Acrylic mobile phone display stand customization Sunday Knight, professional display production manufacturers, so far with a number of well-known brands to reach a long-term cooperation between businessmen, we provide customers with acrylic display stand at the same time, but also processing a variety of customized All kinds of acrylic handicrafts, acrylic hotel supplies, welcome to contact with us!