The future development trend of high-grade furniture

2017-08-27 cropsong

With the improvement of people's living standards, the more people the pursuit of high quality of life, so the requirements of furniture is no exception, then let us understand the future development of high-end furniture trend.

China's furniture market, a wide variety of low-grade furniture, there is oversupply situation, and high-end furniture can not meet the market demand. The domestic production of high-grade furniture, lack of capacity, from the processing means, the technical level of workers and the supply of raw and auxiliary materials can not meet the conditions of production of high-grade furniture, domestic sales of high-end furniture is a lot of imports. The current production of high-end furniture is growing, poor quality of low-grade products gradually out of the market.

China's furniture market sales to the main furniture market, according to industry experts do not fully investigate the statistics, more than 5,000 square meters of domestic furniture distribution places more than 2,500, more than 10,000 square meters more than 900, more than 20,000 square meters of more than 500 Home, more than 30,000 square meters more than 100, more than 50,000 square meters more than 30 home. In addition, there are like Shunde City, Guangdong Lecong and Longjiang two towns connected to nearly 2 million square meters of furniture, street, Suzhou City, Li mouth area of ??more than 20 million square meters of furniture market, Houjie Town, Dongguan City, nearly 200,000 square meters Furniture and so on. In short, China's professional distribution of professional furniture area has reached 20 million square meters. In addition, there are a large number of furniture stores and large department stores operating furniture.

Domestic furniture sales in the form of the following: First, large-scale furniture mall, rented by the manufacturer to sell furniture, there are dealers rented venues operating furniture, the former accounted for the vast majority of operating varieties to civilian furniture, while both office furniture The Second, the dealer self-built or rented sales venues to take the procurement of self-operated way. Third, the store business, is generally a separate brand self, to the larger domestic production enterprises and foreign famous brands. Fourth, department stores to open up the venue to operate furniture.

The above modes of operation are the main means of furniture sales. In addition, there are furniture orders for bidding and bidding. Most of them are carried out by way of government procurement. According to the bidding law promulgated by the state, Issued by the furniture manufacturers bidding, the successful production of furniture samples, after passing the examination, in accordance with the requirements of the production of delivery. China's furniture market is not yet mature, the furniture dealer team has not yet formed, is in the process of growth, the entire furniture market also need to self-improvement at the same time, continue to increase capital investment and the use of advanced management mode.

China's accession to the WTO to bring our rare economic development opportunities for our country to achieve economic docking with the world to provide an excellent opportunity. China's sustained and stable economic development, capital construction into a vigorous period, the unprecedented expansion of domestic demand, but also for the furniture industry to bring new opportunities. At the same time, accession to the WTO will attract a large number of overseas capital inflows, for many small and medium-sized furniture enterprises to bring joint ventures, cooperation opportunities, with external forces to enhance the furniture business marketing planning, quality management, product packaging and production of standardized management level. In addition, China's accession to developing countries to join the WTO, will promote the development of traditional textile and building materials industry, so that will further reduce the cost of raw materials procurement, thereby reducing the cost of furniture production and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

After joining the WTO, due to the reduction of furniture tariffs, will promote the growth of furniture import and export, to provide furniture export opportunities. Joining the World Trade Organization will promote the establishment of information database for furniture enterprises, the development of new products, the protection of intellectual property rights, the use of high-tech and the use of new materials. In 2002, after joining the WTO, the Chinese furniture industry has had a favorable impact. The continued growth of furniture exports is a good example.

China has become the world's furniture production power, but also an important consumer of furniture. China has 1.3 billion people, a huge potential consumer market has attracted worldwide attention. At present, China's per capita consumption of furniture is still low, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, furniture consumption will certainly increase, China's per capita consumption of furniture if the level of consumption in Thailand, the Philippines and other medium-sized countries, that is, about 20 US dollars per capita , Its total consumption is also more than 200 billion yuan. Therefore, furniture industry can be expected to increase the growth of furniture there is great potential. Into the 21st century, my government proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and small urbanization. The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the comprehensive prosperity of the rural economy and speed up the process of urbanization in order to further stimulate the consumer market and expand the consumption area. The country's move will further promote the construction of our country's housing, which will lead to the development of residential-related industries. According to the needs of the community and the development of the State Council, put forward the housing industry, this initiative will be driven with tens of thousands of residential products with the standardization, serialization and industrialization. As the development of residential industrialization, residential as a commodity to enter the market for all types of furniture and ancillary products to provide a room for development.

The current acrylic material produced by the furniture is now most people favor the high-end furniture, especially in foreign countries. Acrylic furniture not only looks high-end atmosphere, the most important thing is environmentally friendly, acrylic also known as plexiglass, the current domestic use of acrylic furniture are the most high-end places and high-end villas.