There are black and white tai chi splicing acrylic cup holder

2017-09-18 cropsong

General hotels like the choice of acrylic frame, because the acrylic high transmittance, acrylic hotel supplies in the light under the more dazzling, giving high-end feeling. Acrylic wine glass frame is the latest design of a new trend, you can use the home, but also very suitable for hotel restaurants and other leisure venues to use, simple and yet high-end creative.

Acrylic wine glass frame can be stitched into a circular gossip-like platter, creative, transparent and black classic with no mention of high-grade, generally with 5mm imported acrylic material selection; upper and lower two layers of design, the above is the wine cup, through two transparent pillars Connect the following chassis. Acrylic cups are made of cutting, engraving, grinding, trimming, diamond polishing and other processing technology made of transparent transparent and transparent, black mirror smooth and smooth. Each wine can according to their own needs, designed to store a number of glasses. Two platter can be used separately or separately. It can be used together, safe and secure, and is suitable for display of glass glasses. It can be widely used in bars, KTV, western restaurant, tea hall and other entertainment places.

Stitching wine cups simple and unique shape, all-round display of glass, structured, fine polished, feel warm and comfortable. Can be used for shopping malls supermarket series of wine placed furnishings. This section of the acrylic wine glass frame can also be customized according to the different needs of customers.