The type of acrylic display stand

2017-09-24 cropsong

Acrylic display stand as a props of products, many products need to use the acrylic display stand to display, acrylic display for the sale of the product can be said to play a certain role, give a image of the metaphor, if the product compared to the model, Acrylic display stand is like T station, the audience is the customer, acrylic display stand to show the stage of the product, so as to achieve the purpose of product sales promotion.

So what kind of acrylic display frame? According to the application and use of the display stand can be divided into: acrylic display rack and acrylic display stand, the following Sunday Knight acrylic products for everyone to explain in detail:

According to the scope of application Acrylic display stand can be divided into: acrylic cosmetics display stand, acrylic jewelry display stand, acrylic mobile phone display stand, acrylic watch stand, acrylic shoe rack, acrylic flashlight display stand, acrylic wallet display stand, etc., can say how many products Can be divided into the number of types of display, of course, these are only large categories, if the brand, size, model breakdown, then you can also divided into many kinds, such as acrylic jewelry display can be broken down into: acrylic necklace display, acrylic ring display , Acrylic ear nail display stand, acrylic bracelet display stand, acrylic earrings display stand, and so on.

According to the use of functional sub-acrylic display stand can be divided into: 1, acrylic products display rack, mainly for the display of product sales, such as supermarkets acrylic shelves, cosmetics store acrylic display stand, etc. are acrylic display rack; 2, acrylic display Shelf: mainly used for a single product or sample display, more common is the exhibition or shop as a sample publicity, the purpose is to receive orders, thus opening the market.

The above is Sunday Knight Co., Ltd to introduce the classification of acrylic display stand, I believe you look after the acrylic display stand has a certain understanding, Sunday Knight Co., Ltd is a professional acrylic processing manufacturers, can customize the acrylic display according your requirement, Welcome to visit our website: for more infornation and contact with us!