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How to made acrylic products

In our lives, do not know if we have noticed no, many daily necessities are acrylic products. Acrylic products, including display racks, display cabinets, information shelves, cosmetics shelves, cosmetics planes, cosmetics display racks, leaflets, candy shelves, candy boxes, boxes, advice boxes, draw boxes, donations, , The staff card, the staff card badge, crystal memorial, trophies, brand name boxes, publicity cards, desk calendar, distribution cards, property signs, food outlets, Dining table, dining table and so on.

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Plexiglass production methods are described below:

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(1) broken grinding method: plexiglass plexiglass will be stacked together in the paste, and then direct grinding section molding. This method is made of crafts can get color change, muddy natural effect.

?(2) hot simmer method: the plexiglass processing to a certain shape, the plexiglass heating, direct hand quickly nested, pinch type. Some of the requirements of the law beforehand framed, action agility, a wave of it. With this method made of handicrafts with bold lines, the image of simple and so on. Several of the above methods can be used alternately, according to the appearance of the design of the art request, set the best way.

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(3) paste method: the plexiglass cut into a certain shape, the paste on the plane made.

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(4) hot pressing method: the plexiglass sheet after heating, in the mold in the hot-type. This kind of appearance made of handicrafts with a full body, smooth curves, a strong sense of the characteristics of the plane, the effect of relief. Hot stamping die can be used wood, sludge molded, and then use cast lead, gypsum data for yin and yang mold, plexiglass can be molded after heating.

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(5) mosaic method: the different colors of the plexiglass block cut into pumping geometric shapes, inlaid from the floor made of stitching. This method requires splicing close, I am striving to be able to receive the color is intense, but seamless effect.

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(6) vertical grinding method: the stick-shaped plexiglass or thick plate-shaped plexiglass bonding, directly on the grinding wheel grinding, polishing molding. Craftsmanship made with this method is similar to a sculpture, from the rich and colorful appearance, constitute a unique artistic image.

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