Plexiglass handicrafts on the color overprint three steps

2017-12-28 cropsong

Customer requirements The main trend of plexiglass screen printing is: tend to more color and high-precision images. Flat objects and screen printers know that color overprint is not a mysterious thing, but you still do not see a large proportion of color overprint for plexiglass smoking box and wine boxes, plexiglass mobile display stands.

If you have experienced the production process, you can think that only the steps of mixing color overlay is complicated. But you do not have to understand the details of all the steps, because the best producers can help you get the expected results. Most of the customers who have done color overprints in other markets and printers who have color-stamped plexiglass products are somewhat surprised to see the effect of color printing on irregular surface objects. This is the business effect you should pursue. Meet the customer requirements is the image directly printed on the plexiglass handicrafts on the color overprint, there are three aspects of the favor of the competitiveness of everyone; in fact, is positioning, color sequence, overprint three steps.

One; registration [several positioning methods indispensable]

There are three factors that affect the accuracy of the registration: the first element is the machine's input / positioning system is correct to ensure that each plexiglass crafts every time from the input to the printing positioning device location accurate; the second element is The tension of each screen is consistent; the third element is the plexiglass handicrafts in the process of printing several times by the machine and the workshop of the various factors. Deal with the above three elements involved in the problem, the color can be accurate. Here with the triple insurance positioning method to complete the above three elements of the control and its source can be resolved in a timely manner.

1; overlapping film positioning

First a transparent film fixed on the surface of plexiglass crafts for printing, and so on, overprint printed on each unit one by one image, which can directly distinguish the image and plexiglass crafts position relationship, suitable for transparent material on the silk screen Graphics. The second color pattern may be screened on the film and covered with a thin die bearing the first color pattern so that the same position of the two-color pattern conforms to the designed size requirement and then the thin die with the first color pattern Platform sticky, in the silk screen the second color pattern room only printed with the first color pattern of transparent workpiece and the first pattern on the platform coincide, you can achieve the purpose of positioning. Overprint positioning is correct, fixed related process parameters adjustment, can be mass production operations.

2; mark the insurance positioning

To overlay the next color version, the plate should be on the same color version of the location mark device; mesh distance; screen flatness should be with the front color version. On the next; color version of the set of positioning, is the same color on the school version of the standard block, and to (inspiratory, etc.) fixed. The screen version by the same color of the plate into the grid fixture, observe the screen version of the graphics and school version of the graphics fit the situation, and slowly move the network frame so that the two register, then the initial tightening fixture, Knife angle; knife pressure to maintain the same with the previous version. And then try to print, and check the pattern on the test registration situation, under normal circumstances, the clutch error in the 0.5mm this, after 2 to 3 copies of the test, means that the basic stability, and then determine the adjustment method, or fine-tuning India Taiwan, or fine-tune the screen fixture, should not blindly twist, as well as mess up the rules, so that the whole batch of plexiglass handicrafts are not allowed, but can not arbitrarily change the block gauge.

3; model limited positioning

For the garden-style printing, the bottle under the support of the bearing, both in the container under the rotation of the screen, but also the use of container grooves to limit the left and right horizontal string positioning; for the local government, the bottle into the special Two-piece die seat and the outer contour of the bottle match, as the force support; their bottle sets with gas nozzle at the mouth, but also the role of auxiliary positioning.

4; vacuum adsorption positioning

For the need to fill the vacuum with a fixed bottle of the mouth set with a mouthpiece also has the role of auxiliary positioning in the table will be placed in the lower half of the mold. The table slides into the printing position and the bottle is pushed toward the mouth to allow the nozzle to be inserted into the neck. After the mold, the air through the gas nozzle to inflate the bottle after printing.


"Color overprint" the word now has a two-story meaning; one is through the color separation film for printing called color overprint, showing only yellow; magenta; green three-color and no black simulation results. This overprint color does not mean that the "four-color overprint" must be. The halftone image may consist of less than four colors or more than four colors. The other is through the same color film through the color overlay image can contain two colors; three colors; four colors; or more color. But no matter what kind of situation, through the small space in the printing of many many small halftone point, their mix can make the eyes produce a sense of complex color.

Color screen printing of the color arrangement is generally yellow; green; magenta and black. Taking into account the process requirements, there will be arranged in order to blue; magenta; yellow and black. Foreign also by black; yellow; magenta; blue order printing.

Due to the different shape of the plexiglass craft (screen / surface) and the nature of the plexiglass craft, the color order is also different. For example, when printing on transparent objects, the color arrangement should be black; yellow; green; magenta. The arrangement of the color order has an important constraint on the color of the original, how to ensure that the replica color is not distorted, in addition to correctly grasp the use of ink, but also the need for long-term practice and experience accumulation, and constantly explore the summary. Determine the screen printing color order to consider two factors, one is the plexiglass handicrafts on the transparency of the ink, which is the main factor of two factors. As in the screen printing, the various colors are produced by mixing or overlapping several kinds of ink, if the plexiglass handicrafts on the ink transparency is poor, in the printing of the second color will be the first color ink cover, and Can not be combined with the second color into a new color. The second factor is that the human eye's ability to feel the various colors is different. In general, the human eye is the most sensitive to the magenta, followed by cyan, the yellow sensitivity of the worst. As people have different color sensitivity, often resulting in the expansion or reduction of yellow dot and the amount of ink changes in the amount of rhyme is unclear, thus affecting the quality of printing. More reasonable screen printing color sequence and process requirements are, the first color with cyan printing, printed, the control ladder; color standard for the comparison of the bar to check. The second color with a yellow plate brush, so that the two colors stacked into green, and then use the human eye on the green tone ability to identify the characteristics of the control ladder; color check printing quality. Third color supplies red version of the printing, and finally printed black version. Black Edition can enhance the contour and dark tone level. After the four-color printing is finished, the same color reproduction as the original is obtained.

Three; overprint

To ensure that the color layer is thick and shiny; pattern color level clear These two aspects focus on the technology used in a good way.

1; control of the thickness of the layer

?If the quality is good, an important criterion is to see if it reproduces the original color accurately. There are a few color requirements printed very thick, need to reach 20um, embossed effect of the pattern or even require a thickness of 200um. Thickness control has three points to master: the mesh mesh; photoresist sizing thickness; printing parameters. For the rich colors and patterns of printed copies, try to achieve good results. For example, to print a very saturated color of a dark blue, we can use the 90T screen, the photoresist, the screen scraping the surface of the three times the pulp, screen printing on the four times the pulp, after each sizing to bake Dry in sizing. This screen can guarantee that the thickness of the ink can be printed 20um. When printing, pay attention to the pressure of the scraper can not be too large, the angle of the scraper is 10 degrees lower than usual, the printing speed from the general situation 20 times / min adjusted to 12 times / min below, so that printing to ensure the required thickness of the ink layer.

2; the level of the pattern

Screen printing pattern level reproduction force is difficult and modern offset printing compared, so the screen printing plexiglass handicrafts pattern level performance method is to use multi-color printing to make up for the lack of layers of defects. In the process of printing, to ensure that the thickness of the coating to meet the requirements of the circumstances, to speed up the printing speed, tone level clarity will be all improved. The quality of the printing ink also directly affects the reduction of the tone level. The level of the original manuscript is expressed by the different numbers of the hanging net. When printing, pay attention to the degree of reduction of the network. The factors that affect the degree of reduction of the network are: the quality of the ink and the sharpness and pressure of the blade; the printing speed. If the ink is type, it is best to use to print color, thixotropic ink for printing the dotted pattern. Scraper angle and sharpness directly affect the pattern level, sharp knife edge, the angle of some, you can print a clear network. Each color after printing must be compared with the color separation of the two levels of the film, the level of printing to close the separation of the film, so that after the completion of the print will be close to the original.

Four benefits

1; cost savings: the container can be printed on the printing press, can be loaded and shipped to the customer's hands, than printing labels alone or thermal transfer method of printing labels, and then paste them on the container, reducing the number of middle Steps to reduce the time and excessive use of materials can be greatly conducive to saving materials and labor. In sum, this is a small sum of money.

2; timely delivery time: a screen printing capacity than with color overprint labels, will be the fastest speed to the finished product with customers, more economical and fast. By printing directly on the container, the size of the batch with the master, direct printing provides a greater degree of freedom of production, especially when faced with much-needed operations, the advantage is more obvious.

3; inventory efficiency is high: When you choose to print directly, you no longer need to keep a lot of label inventory. This will reduce the label damage or expired waste, save the expensive inventory space, but also increase your production flexibility.

4; resilience: in order to be invincible in the industry, we must grasp the customer's indefinite demand, in the price war often have to go into the quagmire of lower profits. Investment container packaging industry, the basic conditions are very easy to achieve, but in order to get more orders, no competitive advantage is not possible. So how can we get a competitive advantage in a mature industry? Can be distinguished or increase the value of the product to do, direct color overprint is a very good way.

5; durable and beautiful: screen printing and the durability of the image on it. Direct printing on the container can get better color and feel, no obvious visible edge of the label. Even "unlabeled" labels will make people believe that they are not printed on containers but are inherent in containers.

Five; our experience: color management by A; B; C several steps to fix it? I am afraid not so simple. There are at least two reasons: First, the color management itself is a very complex system engineering, is a variable with n variable function; Second, color management has a basic premise is to have a standardized basis. No standardization will be a good thing more grinding, hard to its. Accordingly, engaged in screen printing workers should be the potential to learn the color of the relevant knowledge, and its application to practice, accumulation. Theory guide practice, targeted; practice up theory, rich experience.