Acrylic products processing important link

2018-01-04 cropsong

Acrylic transparency is very high, and the durability is very good, can be made into a variety of shapes and products such as acrylic box, acrylic stand, acrylic holder. Acrylic products processing process is more complex need to pay attention to the place is also more, so in the processing of acrylic products must be careful to treat every aspect. Acrylic plate which bonding technology is very important, let us understand the following under the processing of bonding skills.

Acrylic products in the process of bonding skills:

First, the docking of the two need to dock the acrylic plate level on the operating platform to close, and stick a tape at the bottom, leaving a gap of not more than 0.3mm wide to prepare the coating adhesive. And then use the syringe to the adhesive from one side slowly and slowly from the gap into the until all filled, to be completely cured after the tape can be removed.

Second, the facade bonding surface bonding is the most widely used a bonding technology. Acrylic products in the process of processing should be the first surface to be wiped clean. It is best to use the mold to achieve the bonding, so that the adhesive does not shake, which is conducive to improving the quality of bonding. The thickness of 3mm acrylic plate bonding, can be pad into the fine wire, the use of capillary action to complete the bonding, before curing the adhesive out of the wire. Or can be used to stick to the site of the adhesive tape, leaving the adhesive coated parts coated with adhesive, and then inclined into the acrylic plate can be squeezed out of the bubble.

Third, the slope of adhesive bonding slope must be used 90 degrees angle by the mold, in order to prevent the displacement of the sticky face. Binder the adhesive should be uniform and slow. To be completely cured before they can be removed by the mold.

Fourth, the plane bonding plane bonding is a relatively special bonding method. First wipe the surface will be wiped clean and placed in the surface of the amount of adhesive on the note. Place the other side of the acrylic plate obliquely into contact with the adhesive on the acrylic plate, and then evenly slow down, from the side of the bubble out to complete the bonding.

Acrylic products in the process of bonding Note:

1. All of the acrylic adhesive can corrode the surface of the acrylic plate and leave a trace that is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, it is possible to protect the parts that do not need to be bonded by sticking the adhesive.

2. Grease, dust or pores can prevent the adhesive from coating evenly and leave the bubbles, so it must be removed before bonding.

3. If the amount of adhesive is too small, it will cause the adhesive to shrink into the air.

4. Direct hair will make the edge of the adhesive surface due to the rapid evaporation of the adhesive and white.

5. Adhesive agent can not be completely cured before, by the sun for a long time direct exposure, the acrylic products will occur in varying degrees of yellowing, seriously affect the appearance of acrylic products.

Above is the processing of acrylic products in the important part of the process, only to deal with this process in order to produce a more perfect products.