Introduction and Design of Real Estate Marking System

2018-01-08 cropsong

I. Introduction Real estate logo system is to serve the residential area, real estate-oriented identification system, divided into external identification system and internal identification system. Real estate guide system represents the residential area or real estate image and style.


First, by category

1. Project image class. Mainly for the performance of the entire project and its LOGO to make the image of signs, image walls and so on.

2. Sales props. For the identification of sales centers and model rooms, real estate, such as the identification card.

3. Road guidance class. This kind of logo is no stranger, it exists in all aspects of our lives. In the real estate system in the road guide class is to guide people to find the community gate, vehicles and pedestrians and other traffic signs.

4. Service class identification. Mention this, we first thought of is the bathroom logo, yes, the bathroom logo is within its scope. In addition, including the parking lot, community parks, service outlets and other signs.

5. Internal description class. Mainly in the form of a plan or index, etc. play a guide, instructions, explain the sign.

6. Lou Dong number plate. As the name suggests, is different between buildings to number, to facilitate people to find.

7. Security warning class. In the road, riverside, parks and other places, used to regulate people's behavior and the establishment of some warning signs or tips.

Second, by service places

1, sales center logo outdoor signs logo, logo logo logo signs, guide the flag, the image of the wall, model room signs, model room tips, Huxing map, sales center signs, information planes, model display, regional signs , Engineering materials display card function card: 1), the Advisory Department logo 2), to discuss the Office.

2, building signs Loudong, floor card, unit card, the name of the unit, the unit declared (notice) hurdles, elevator ride instructions, letter boxes, fire hydrants, equipment, building blocks, fire evacuation signs logo, barrier.

3, indicating the total logo map, a number of signs, property management office, parking signs.

4, traffic warning signs logo underground garage entrance warning signs: 1), limit height 2), speed limit signs 3), straight 4), prohibited into the 5), environmental labeling, ban on parking, Prohibit the use of the license plate, parking number plate, parking rules card, bicycle parking place.

5, the environmental logo landscape name plate logo signs, community public facilities use notes, bulletin boards, service cards, environmental protection trash, leisure chairs. 

6, environmental warning signs do not leisure, do not climb, grass green card, precious tree tree name brand, power distribution room with warning signs, underground pipeline warning signs, ground-mounted warning signs: 1), do not stop 2), be careful to slide 3), repair work 4), clean

7, the property company logo property office name, property company image card, property notices sign sign, household advice box, staff job responsibility system, information frame, do not loud noise, umbrella rack, no cigarette, men and women toilet logo signs.

8, the club logo club logo card, opening time marking signs, the club within the functional signs, the club floor function index card, membership code, the project fee table, club function, general service desk, registration, notice notice column, toilet instructions Brand, non-smoking card, room equipment licensing

Third, the real estate logo system design principles

1. People-oriented people-oriented "is the real estate logo system design of the basic principles, the concern should be the real estate audience needs and interests, standing in the audience position to design, to perfect.

2. Space overall planning and design principles Real estate identification system engineering is a space sequence and process planning work. The understanding of the spatial process and spatial planning theory determines the design level of the system. Standing in the height of the space to the overall design, the first to ensure that the system of scientific, functional realization. At the same time guide system is a complex engineering, designers should combine ergonomics, aesthetics, architecture and so on to think about the design.

3. Space brand design theory Real estate logo system engineering followed by a space brand design and development work. Will be graphic graphics brand development theory into the geographical space, also known as the environment for the environmental graphic design, architectural jewelry (space environment art design). Space brand design concept development extension and enhance the traditional flat brand design extension and connotation. Say the simple point is to enhance the image of the real estate project. Designers should be designed to combine the surrounding environment and the implementation of style to design, in order to achieve harmony with the natural environment, so that the real estate logo system really "at this time silent victory."