How to choose a good acrylic display rack, identify the pros and cons of acrylic show?

2018-03-27 cropsong

In foreign countries, 70% of the exhibition are acrylic material, Sunday Knight as a professional manufacturer of acrylic products, just tell you about the professional buy skills.

First, pay attention to the transparency of acrylic. The test method is very simple, first of all we use a pure white paper on the back of the acrylic, and then we look at whether it is clear, if through the acrylic to see that piece of paper a little yellow feeling, then this kind of acrylic is the kind of poor Acrylic, if through the acrylic to see very clear, see the paper did not change color, then it is better acrylic.

Second, pay attention to the grinding of acrylic. Acrylic products after laser cutting if not polished will leave a cut, feels very rough, can be distinguished by the feel.

Third, pay attention to the bonding of acrylic. Acrylic display frame bonding good or bad affect the overall appearance of acrylic display frame, see whether the formation of acrylic bonding, pay attention to whether there is glue overflow, whether there are bubbles and so on.

Fourth, pay attention to acrylic silk screen. In the acrylic display on top of the silk screen logo or logo must observe the contents of silk screen is clear and delicate, you can gently pull the hand, but do not try too much to avoid scratches compensation.