Acrylic products processing process

2018-04-08 cropsong

Acrylic has a history of a hundred years, the application of acrylic is very broad, such as construction, industrial facilities, commercial products, cultural products display. As well as we in every corner of daily life will use acrylic display stand, for example: such as car doors and windows, windows doors, signs and so on. So it seems that the use of acrylic is a lot more. So many people asked, so how good things are made of it? In this small arranger for everyone to answer:

1, open material: get the hands of acrylic to take the acrylic material feeder for cutting the plate shape, where the first to know the size of the acrylic processing is how much? Just to be able to accurately open materials to avoid the luxury materials.

2, carving: acrylic sheet after the material, and then in accordance with the shape of the acrylic products required for the initial engraving of the acrylic plate, making it a different shape of the product look like.

3, drilling: the processing steps need to be based on product needs, some of the processing of acrylic products into a small hole when the need, so you need to need the acrylic products for drilling operations.

4, polishing: the first few steps done, the semi-finished products of the relatively coarse acrylic, beautiful degree of less than easy to scratch the hand. Need to be polished for processing, polishing can be divided into grinding wheel polishing, cloth wheel polishing and fire throwing. Various polishing methods are required depending on the product.

5, trimming: the front of the material to the acrylic cutting and carving processing, the semi-finished sheet of the edge of the rough, it is necessary to trim the edge of the acrylic processing, where the need to use trimmer.

6, Peel off paper: from the material on the surface of the acrylic have a layer of protective paper, to prevent transport wear. To this step of the finished product processing on the surface of the need to protect the paper off.

7, Rewan: Acrylic sheet to be processed into different products, you need to through the hot bending treatment of semi-finished acrylic bending into a different product shape, there are hot-bending method is divided into local hot bending combined with the whole hot bending distinction, Complete technology Please find technical information on acrylic bending.

8, silk screen: some customers will make this request, after the finished product in the acrylic to the silk screen, or the company's LOGO, or some propaganda will use this step, and silk screen method can be divided into monochrome silk and four silk Silk screen.

9, bonding, packaging: Finally, the acrylic parts of the various products assembled to complete the pre-shipment packaging products. This is also the final process of the acrylic process.

Technical Tips: According to the method of molding acrylic products can be divided into the following:

1, thermoforming

2, extrusion molding

3, injection molding

4, mechanical processing

In fact, acrylic is plexiglass, is widely used in our daily life. Acrylic products for the detailed process but also according to the actual situation of production, the above steps is the processing of acrylic products in the important nine major steps.