Acrylic processing technology and process introduction

2018-04-16 cropsong

With the use of acrylic materials in a variety of industries, acrylic products also appear in a variety of forms in our vision, affecting our lives, such as acrylic box, acrylic display stands, acrylic holders, the relative acrylic technology is more and more mature, today to introduce About the processing of acrylic technology.

Acrylic processing steps are as follows:

1, cutting:

Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method, the laser can cut a variety of patterns, words, etc., laser cutting technology is the use of laser beam irradiation to the surface of acrylic sheet, and then the laser to release energy to melt the acrylic. The use of laser cutting can be cut a variety of very complex patterns, text or logo, etc., so that we can process the processing requirements in line with our complex shape, cut the material as long as the polishing process can be restored after the acrylic material itself has high transparency The

2, punching:

Acrylic is the direct use of drilling holes, compared to glass, the acrylic has a very good mechanical processing characteristics. In accordance with the requirements of the processing drawings directly on the drilling machine fixed, and directly locate the hole like. Acrylic can also use CNC punch, so that the processing of acrylic accessories have a very high assembly accuracy, we only need to enter the drawings on the computer a variety of parameters, and then use the computer control CNC machine can locate the processing punch.

3, polishing:

Acrylic itself has a high degree of transparency, comparable to the natural output of the crystal, so we need to be polished after the restoration of acrylic itself has a high transparency, such as crystal, and acrylic polishing can use the traditional cloth wheel polishing can also use diamond polishing, fire polishing. The order is generally diamond polishing; in the use of fire polishing to eliminate the corner of the burr, so that the acrylic products become smooth; the last will be used cloth round polishing, playing a wax on the cloth wheel can be polished up to 92% Transparent acrylic products come out.

4, hot bending:

Because the acrylic material will soften at 70 ° to 100 °, the use of a rallying technique allows the acrylic to be processed into a variety of irregularities that we need for shapes and needs. Acrylic bending can be achieved in different ways, you can also speak a lot of pieces of acrylic sheet on a set of bending machine and stereotypes on the hot bending type, the vast majority of the bends only through the single or parallel Rewind, the angle of the bend can be set to control the angle as needed.

5, bonding:

Bonding is a very important process, thanks to manual processing, so this time the experience of staff is very important, and the acrylic product bonding process to be strictly controlled, not only to design the location of the drawings to stick Then, can not sticky crooked, blistering, bonding is not strong, so strict control of the product will be allowed to ship.

6, assembly:

The final assembly is self-evident, that is, the processing of a variety of acrylic accessories together, and then complete a complete product. This time also on the entire product for the final quality testing, be sure to be correct, the product packaging to ship.