The Characteristics and Production Process of Composite Acrylic

2018-04-23 cropsong

Composite acrylic is a kind of acrylic sheet, this new material strength is good, high hardness, and environmental protection, the use of this acrylic sheet processing of acrylic products by more and more buyers favor. Then a lot of people may not know what is composite acrylic? As well as composite acrylic and other materials compared to what is the same place? conclusion as below:

What is composite acrylic? Composite acrylic is a substitute for high quality resin board. Its material composition is about 20% of acrylic, aluminum hydroxide and 65% particles in high quality resin. Other materials are about 2% (depending on the actual situation) The The composite acrylic has the dual advantages of both resin board and pure acrylic plate. It has the elegance of natural marble, the hardness of granite and the delicate and warm feeling of wood, and it is colorful, non-radioactive and safe to use. Lower than pure acrylic, which is the major home kitchen and kitchen buyers keen to purchase this type of acrylic sheet products.

Composite Acrylic Features:

1, high toughness, easy to crack deformation: tensile, bending impact and other physical properties than ordinary artificial stone more than 20%, especially with high toughness, easy to crack deformation, can be safe to use.

2, processing performance, both for mechanical processing, and easy to heat molding.

3, composite acrylic body material, no pores, impermeable, good toughness, resistance to yellowing.

4, environmentally friendly non-toxic, no radiation: the use of pure high-quality mineral powder as a filler, all products non-toxic, and through non-toxic class test. Even if the long-term contact is also harmless, and the gas generated when burning does not produce toxic gases.

5, the texture is more delicate, better gloss, more bright color: from the outside, composite acrylic sheet texture is more delicate, better gloss, more bright color, grain layering, texture transparent, clear, feel smooth.

6, comprehensive performance, can provide designers with a variety of options, and composite acrylic sheet surface can be stained, painted, silk screen and vacuum coating.

7, water, oil, pollution, bacteria have a strong resistance, easy to clean.

Composite Acrylic Production Process: Lower Formulation - Broken Plate - Granules - Pellets - Blend - Tinting - Forming Ingredients - Stirring Slurry - Backwash - Vacuum - Bubble - Mold Wax - Mold And stacking - oven baking - sand board - fill plate - with glue - inspection - storage

Composite acrylic sheet with a strong plastic, rich colors, easy to clean, and environmental protection, and so a bit, is widely made acrylic boxes, acrylic holder, acrylic display stands and used in various industries.