What can we sell to customer except acrylic products?

2018-05-02 cropsong

No matter what industry, whether you sell acrylic products or other products, we in addition to selling products, the more should be to provide a service, or information consultation. We have to do is to product performance and the company's advantages introduced to the customer, and then according to the needs of customers to provide a satisfactory solution!

Through the feedback of customer information, we can rediscover, define our products, do some more favorable changes, so as to promote the company's acrylic product replacement, which is extremely important! Our customer information services are free of charge, but in fact this is the key to order transactions, but also our development of new products, an important source of information.

Only when our information and opinions are accepted by the customer, they are more likely to accept our products. So when we train sales staff, should not just blindly emphasize how our products sold, compared with other products, our acrylic products how different, but should develop them as a customer consultant, as they need Product offering solution.

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