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As a medal of acrylic medals, you need a better craftsmanship

Acrylic medals of high-end light so that more companies more and more favorite custom acrylic medals, acrylic medal design concept is simple and elegant, transparent and no impurities. But concise does not mean simple, as a prize of acrylic medals for acrylic sheet and acrylic craft requirements are very high. At the same time pioneer dragon excellence, and strive to perfect the spirit of the craftsmen are also very strict on their own.

Sunday Knight CO., Ltd is a professional acrylic display manufacturer who use a foreign imports of acrylic sheet, translucent is very good, no impurities, but also a good impact resistance, and then use cutting, grinding, polishing, deep carving, filling oil and other acrylic technology, So that medals smooth texture of a more smooth grade. Acrylic medals apply to all sectors, the company issued when the medal, very high-end atmosphere, exquisite and delicate.

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