Let the acrylic box save your dresser

2018-05-21 cropsong

As a fashionable girl, you must have a variety of lipstick, nail polish, cosmetic rouge, eyebrow pencil and so on, so many cosmetics messy placed on your dresser, you urgently need an acrylic cosmetic box to save your dress station.

Every woman needs a few layers of transparent acrylic box. First you have to calculate the layers you need to classify your cosmetics to make sure you can quickly find the cosmetics you need. As long as you regularly clean your acrylic cosmetics storage box, you can put the dresser more neat and beautiful.

If your desktop space is limited, we can help you design a two-story cosmetic storage box, the above layer can put eyebrow pen and the like, the following can be put nail polish. Or do a wall-mounted shelves, more space to save the dresser, if you have any special ideas, Sunday Knight Co., Ltd will also be happy to serve you.