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Use the Acrylic Jewelery Showcase to show your strength

In the acrylic display stand, the highest utilization rate is probably the electronics industry, and which the most demanding grade, it is necessary to use jewelry exhibition rack.

As we all know, jewelry itself is a luxury, its grade and the price will naturally be slightly valuable. Therefore, as a supplementary jewelry sales display, selection and production requirements will be higher than the general product display stand to be much higher. Because in the jewelry display, the display is not only for the display of goods placed in the show, but also to bring out the noble and high-grade goods.

Acrylic was selected in the jewelry display stand reasons, probably because of its high degree of permeability, with the diamond diamonds and other light echoes. Good acrylic sheet, transparent without impurities, high light than the glass, strong and not broken broken, simple molding, modeling changeable, compact and lightweight, easy to clean, easy to move. The use of acrylic display stand to show jewelry, jewelry can be better to bring out the clever crystal jewelry, luxury quality excellent results.

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