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The difference between plexiglass (acrylic), PC endurance board, PS organic board, MS board

At present, a large number of plastic sheets are sold on the market, and plastic sheets are a very wide industry. Plastic sheets account for nearly one-third of the materials currently used on the market, second only to the amount of metal and wood. It turns out that the current plastics industry is very promising.

To succeed in this industry, you must of course first understand the product knowledge. The most popular plastic plates on the market: plexiglass plates, PC, PS, MS plates, these plates are very similar, in the same color, which board is basically not recognized. If the consumer does not understand the product knowledge, it will give the seller the opportunity to deceive. Make the seller profitable. Assuming that the panels are transparent and colorless, consumers will only recognize that they are colorless and transparent, but they do not recognize those plexiglass (acrylic) and those are PC durable panels. Because of this, some unscrupulous traders will lie to some customers, using PS plates, MS plates as plexiglass (acrylic resin), and plexiglass as PC endurance plates! Invisible businesses can seek greater benefits. In fact, this will have a serious cyclical impact on customers because of the different processing properties of different raw materials.

How to identify plexiglass, PC endurance board, PS organic board, MS board, the following explanation of the secrets of identification is passed to everyone, so that everyone can do better in the plastic board industry.

First: plexiglass (acrylic acid) is: extruded plate and cast plate. The mark of the extruded plate is that the transparency is good. With the most original identification method, when the flame is removed, the flame burns off, smokeless, and bubbles. The filament can be pulled out during a fire. The identification of the cast sheet is: higher transparency, when burned with fire, smokeless, bubbled, humming, no wires when extinguishing fire.

Second: PC endurance board, the identification method is: high transparency, good impact resistance, not bad, burning with fire is basically not burning, flame retardant, will emit some black smoke.

Third: PS organic board, the identification method is: the transparency is general, the reflection will be a bit eclipse. More fragile and easy to crack. A loud bang will occur when you reach the ground. When burned by fire, a lot of black smoke is produced.

Fourth: MS board, the recognition method is: the transparency is normal, and it will be a little eclipse when it is reflective. When burned by fire, a lot of black smoke is produced. It is basically close to the PS board, but the flexibility and processing performance are better than the PS organic board.

The above examples are all transparent and colorless sheet descriptions. The properties of these four materials are different in the processing range. And their costs are not the same. Please carefully understand the product and then place an order to purchase, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

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