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How to determine the size of the custom display stand? What is the general specification?

The size of the display stand is in the mind of the buyer. "I want to customize a display stand for my product". Maybe there is no exact size, but you have to have a blurry range. For example, you need to understand what items are placed on the display and how many items are placed... These questions will help you sort out the ideas. I still don't know what the specific display rack will look like, ask yourself: Where should I put it? This is also a good idea.

In short, the size of the display stand is too strange for you. Sometimes we ask the customer about the problem and they will say no. And when we convert the problem into how many items we put, the customer can answer us clearly. Therefore, as a custom-made display industry, we sometimes do not need specific dimensions, as long as enough information is placed on the product. Because the customer doesn't know about the display stand, he is a newcomer to the industry, but he knows his product and the purpose he is looking for – the final result.

As a supplement, I hope this data will help you:

The conventional floor-standing display rack is about 150-160CM high, 50-60CM long, 30-40CM wide, 3-4 layers, and the layer spacing is designed according to the products placed by customers;

The size of the hanging display rack is about 60-75cm high, 15-20CM long and 7-10CM wide. Generally, various drinks and belts are placed.

The size of the desktop display stand is about 40-50CM, 30-40CM long and 20-25CM wide. It is usually placed on the table for cosmetics, electronic products, promotional foods, etc.

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

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