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How does the acrylic display stand anti-static?

Many people think that acrylic is too easy to get into the dust, and it will not look so dirty until it is repeatedly scrubbed every day. There are also businesses who feel acrylic It's too much trouble to use the display stand if it is used to show jewelry or cosmetics. It is necessary to pay constant attention to the cleaning problem of the display rack. Households have caused trouble. Most of the factors that were originally investigated were due to the electrostatic effect of acrylic, so how to organize the above as a display rack What about dust?

Acrylic is an early development of plastic polymer materials, so static electricity occurs in the interaction between chemical molecules. during production,It is usually cleaned with an anti-static cloth, but the static electricity is generated by the dry air. Use an electrostatic cloth to rub the water to scrub the acrylic display Suitable for.

As a commercial home acrylic display stand, most of the products are displayed because of the electrostatic adsorption of dust in the air, so the display rack looks like not so clear and beautiful. So the best solution is:

1. Specialty store, any store that uses acrylic display stand is best to ensure the humidity of the store air, for example, put humidifier, green indoors plants, etc. Add indoor humidity to avoid boring.

2. Scrub the acrylic display stand. Do not use chemical fiber towels. Be sure to use a soft anti-static cloth.

3. The display frame should not be placed close to the window. The sunlight will make the dust on the display stand more noticeable.

4. Do not use the broom vacuum cleaner in the cleaning room. In order to make the merchandise display more beautiful, it is very important to avoid static electricity on the display stand.

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

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