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How to choose a plexiglass factory when customizing a plexiglass display stand?

Plexiglass display stands are favored by the stores, cosmetics and other industries because of its light transmission and weather resistance. With the wide application of plexiglass, many companies and individuals have seen the profits, and they have come together to join in the fun. Then there will inevitably be a lot of companies that touch the fish in the water, so how should we choose the plexiglass factory when we customize the plexiglass display stand?

1, the first is people

People mainly talk about having a professional design, manufacturing and quality management team. A plexiglass product factory with a certain scale must have a professional design team, a production, manufacturing and management team with excellent technology, and a quality management and support team with independent division of labor. Don't expect a company that doesn't even have QC or QC to be a production tube to have independent quality awareness, and don't expect a small workshop that is both production, procurement, and technology to make continuous plexiglass products of consistent quality.

2, followed by the machine:

The machine here is the "machine", which requires professional, intelligent and automated acrylic sheet processing machinery. One of the most important indicators of the quality of plexiglass products is the tolerance of the product after processing and the polishing effect of the board and the board. These require professional, intelligent and efficient mechanical equipment.

3, followed by the material:

"Material" means to use qualified and high-grade imported raw materials. The transparency and high brightness of the plexiglass display stand depend entirely on the selection and processing of raw materials. It is impossible for a manufacturer to reduce the cost and use the recycled materials to produce yellow and deteriorated materials. It is impossible to make a high-end plexiglass display stand. A plexiglass sheet completely outsourced by plexiglass manufacturers is also difficult to control the quality of each product, such as quality and cheap, after all, the sheet material is covered with a protective film, QC and production personnel only wait until the sheet is cut Quality defects can only be found after a small piece of film is peeled off.

4. Then it is the way:

The way refers to the process and quality management methods for producing and manufacturing acrylic products. Without a strict and efficient production process, it is difficult to produce perfect plexiglass products, especially the polishing and viscose processes. It is also difficult to imagine that a cottage factory that does not have a production operation guide (abbreviation: WI) and a quality inspection management program (QIP) can produce a true "love madness" and can only produce the true "taste" Crazy".

5. The best is the environment

Environment, as the name suggests, refers to the production environment. How can an employee not know much about 5S, 6S, and 7S, how the factory materials are scattered, and the dusty manufacturers can ensure that employees do not use wrong materials. How to ensure that the transparent plexiglass display frame is not covered by dust and is not covered by dust. 

The method of selecting a plexiglass factory when customizing a plexiglass display stand is shared here, and it is hoped that these methods will help you identify. If you want to know more about plexiglass products, please continue to pay attention to, there will be content updates from time to time, and finally thank you for reading.

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Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

Acrylic display stands

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