Acrylic Light Box Sign

2016-08-31 cropsong

Whatever the multinationals which want to establish uniform signs in the world or small shops, factories, offices, all of them need a durable, eye-catching, unique and economical sign. Excellent overall performance acrylic light box sign can fully meet the above requirements, even and soft translucent acrylic light boxes, not only eye-catching, but also can save energy. Acrylic luster makes acrylic light box signs in the daytime there is no light conditions are particularly compelling, and easy to process, select the appropriate processing methods capable of producing a wide variety of light boxes or nameplate. Durable acrylic light boxes, outdoors insurable with more than a decade, installation, repair and maintenance is also very convenient. Acrylic light boxes nameplate cleaning method is very simple: with soap and a soft cloth to scrub. But not with coarse cloth or stiff brush, which is acrylic damage.

You may have noticed that McDonald's around the world are unified by color and shape Acrylic signs. BP companies also use acrylic materials as signs. The famous department store chain Marks & Spencer also installed acrylic light box sign in the world's for more than 400 stores.