Desktop Encyclopedia neat storage is not a dream

2016-09-07 cropsong

Too many bottles on the table, and he could not stand the mess! To learn about the various methods of storing it, clean the desktop is not a dream!

Desktop display type: This series of storage used for display must be used daily, or do you think will be very pleasing to put out some of the products are used for decorative dresser lipstick, lip liner square housing, elevated type. lipstick storage rack, multi-effect storage box, storage makeup brush, medium-sized multi-purpose storage box, medium-sized multi-compartment container with drawers, ruled cosmetic storage box (it is suitable for living quarters, public baths to wash needs students party), acrylic storage tank , nail polish storage rack, toilet clamshell housing.

Drawer Storage: Suitable used as a jewelry container, can also be used to centralize the storage eyeliner, lipstick and so on. In addition, the mirror more friends can also find some drawer storage size used for the mirror. Optical storage, multi-purpose storage drawer, stackable storage box, type a full make-up storage

In addition to space on the desktop can be exploited to housing outside, dresser drawers, under the sink out of the closet can also be used to take advantage of them. Small acrylic lid storage box mounted especially for some of the swab on the dresser, painted the wrong time you can get a hand. Usually on the table it looks neat, not easy to dust. In addition to accommodating a variety of sizes drawer can be brought outside container cosmetics, desk drawer can also be accommodated prepare a pen, paper clips, such small things, you can match rows according to size from a drawer. Various sizes split type is suitable for storing small grid storage used earrings, bicyclic, rings and other small things.