Good display acrylic Plexiglas display featured

2016-09-16 cropsong

In major shopping malls and supermarkets tend to have a wide variety of products, such as mobile phones, cosmetics display racks, jewelry display, watch displays, display on the inside of the goods in the background is even more dazzling, greatly arouse consumers ' desire to buy, even after a feast for the eyes! 

Sunday Knight company is more early engaged in acrylic (plexiglass) products production of enterprise in Dongguan, can on acrylic for drilling, and repair side, and shaped cutting, and hot bent forming and the surface drawing, and spray sand, and spray oil, and printing, professional processing, and can in Asia grams force achieved 175 line of high precision four color printing, in Dongguan area of processing capacity top, especially in phone, and cosmetics displayed frame, and  jewelry show frame, and glasses watches show frame, and Calendar frame of large orders to undertake has the absolute advantage.