Professional producing acrylic products, your best choice

2016-09-27 cropsong

Sunday Knight company, is a entity enterprise, mainly engaged in the design, development, production of acrylic products, shopping malls counters props. Professional production: transparent acrylic computer chassis, cosmetics display stand, alcoholic drinks and tobacco plexiglass display rack, display cabinets, display rack, glasses display rack and other high-end display products. Authorized agent licensing, licensing dealers, medals, advertising, POP, model and mechanical panel, goldfish bowl, glass phone booths, POP price card, goldfish bowl mall with candy, jewelry boxes, crystal panels, equipment enclosures, square enclosures, semi-transparent and translucent cover and other cover, rotating light boxes and so on. Acrylic and metal structures and other promotional gifts, high-tech products to protect display screen. High-grade logo signs, acrylic solid light, plastic light boxes, organic boxes, organic glass, plastic, blow molding, large screen printing, various shopping malls display props and other crafts. The company has a number of outstanding technical talents and advanced production equipment and years of manufacturing experience. In addition to maintaining a good working relationship with many large domestic manufacturers of enterprise, but also with many foreign companies signed a contract to jointly build acrylic international market. Products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Britain, Poland, France, Australia, Israel, Iraq, Mexico, Spain and other countries and regions. Since time delivery, excellent quality, low prices in the domestic market enjoys a good reputation.