Acrylic donation boxes are widely used for raise funds

2016-10-08 cropsong

We can see donation boxes are widely used,from funding at red cross group to cash donations for local families facing huge medical bills. There are many reasons to raise money, and put the acrylic donation boxes in many areas, such as hospital ,museum ,park,school, and other public area,just high traffic,they would be ideal places. However, the success of your fundraising efforts can be affected by many factors,which you should be noted.

Firstly ,The acrylic donation box should be clean and easy to be see-through.It is nature that people would like to donate when they see some coin or  banknotes in the donation box.

Secondly, It would be better to place the acrylic donation box near the cash registers or bank, as there are a lot of people will drop in their loose change. In museums, parks, and zoos,hospital,railway station,you also can get money donations.

Thirdly, Be sure to  use one sign holder to display the donation information and tell people where the money would be going.

Take the time to include some information on how the money will be used. It does not necessarily have to be detailed, but it must look professional and neat. You can print the information from computer or directly write these message by hands Just bear in mind,crisp lettering and a clear message will encourage person to make contributions.

Fourthly, Try to make the donation box look simple and not too complicated.Just remember, donations should be added up quickly,so that volunteers or donors make contributions conveniently. Too complicated donation box are discouraging and time-consuming. has helped schools,hospital, the Red Cross, church groups, and community organizations to make the donation box over 10 years. Whether you are looking for more budget-conscious fundraisers,healthy fundraising options, or traditional fundraising products, Sunday Knight Co., Ltd, as one leading manufacturer professional specializing in acrylic donation box with high quality, competitive prices and best service.Welcome to contact with us at any time!